joint ventures

joint ventures

The introduce of ATN’s partner companies and joint ventures During the last 13 years, ATN Company obtained some representations from famed producers which is produced below:

A.    ASAS Company has been one of the famous companies in designing, producing, extruding and painting of aluminum sections in Turkey and Middle East. Also it has 23 years’ experience in designing different kinds of curtain wall façade systems, doors and windows sections, aluminum louvers and aluminum composite panels. After long years of producing different kinds of aluminum sections, with the capacity of 60000 ton per year, now this company is one of the greatest aluminum sections exporters to more than 40 countries in Asia, Europe, Africa and South America.   This company’s products have been obtained the certificates and standards of valid laboratories. For instance, receiving the Rosenheim standard from Germany for its sections, the Qualicoat and Qualanod standards with regard to anodizing the color of its products from Germany, and TSE standards from Turkey. There are aluminum extrusion lines with different capacities like 1250, 1600, and 3500 ton. Besides, the ability of producing of aluminum sections with the range of 50 gram to 25 kilogram weight per unit length with the maximum range of 400 millimeter length and width. Moreover, there are painting lines with the capability of the varieties of color and different types of electrostatic colors with 60 micron thick and anodizing them with 10-25 micron thick cover.

B.    Colt Company was founded by Jack O’Hea in 1931 in London. It holistic approach harnesses the natural elements to create energy efficient buildings and contribute to a sustainable built environment. Its systems work together to reduce the building’s cooling requirements with solar shading, harness the cooling properties of air and water, and use the building envelope to generate electricity. In 1980s, Colt develops a range of performance louvre and solar shading products to complement its ventilation products, extending the benefits of its energy efficient solutions. Their Research and Development Centre uses the latest technologies to carry out calculations relating to the fire, safety, thermal, acoustic, and thermodynamic characteristics of our products. Usage of modern 3D design software in R&D and manufacturing helps it to shorten the time to market for new developments. This company can analyses the performance of its products in a variety of conditions, identifying possible improvements and ensuring that they can perform as required. For some types of tests it is also able to carry out official CE testing under the surveillance of a notified laboratory. This company has been designing so many project with moving louvers facades all around the world. It certainly is one of the most experienced companies in designing and producing the moving louvers facades.

C.   Keil Company is one of the most valid companies in designing and producing the dry facade method of installation ceramic and stone with anchor which is drilled into the material. Thus, the opportunity of this new method for the contractors is provided by Keil Company.ATN has provided its products form Keil Company during these years. Therefore, we have been able to install the different kinds of porcelain stones and ceramics in Under Cut method.

D.  Kinlong Company is one of the most valued and greatest companies in designing and producing all kinds of spider façade systems. Beside, it has purchased its materials to Iranian Companies including ATN during the last decade.